Steve Krenzer

Steve Krenzer, President

Steve Krenzer brings over 20 years of executive experience leading operations and sales and marketing in data analytics and eCommerce. He was appointed President in September 2022.

He has provided executive leadership to some of the largest private and publicly traded platforms on-line, including previous roles at Groupon and Core Digital Media Group.

Steve served as Groupon's Chief Operating Officer from November 2017 to 2020. His role included ultimate oversight of Groupon's North America and International segments, as well as Global Marketing and Global Operations.

Prior to joining Groupon, Steve was the CEO of Core Digital Media, a leading online direct-response advertising company and one of the internet's largest display advertising providers. Prior to Core Digital Media, he held a variety of senior executive positions at Experian, ultimately serving as President of Interactive Media.

Steve brings extensive experience scaling eCommerce companies and in his role of President will be responsible for driving operational excellence and further advancing executional focus across the organization.

Steve is also on the Board of Directors, which he joined in February 2022.